You Won’t Believe How I Crushed Amazon & TikTok in Just 6 Months!!!

Lori Ballen
3 min readMay 11, 2024


Build a 6-figure business in 6 Months.

It’s hard to believe I’ve only been doing this new product review business for just over 6 months! It’s proof that you can create a profitable business in a very short amount of time

I’m sharing this update for those on a similar journey or who want to be. I hit the 30-day $800 mark for the new Amazon influencer account. It all boils down to making more videos to get that climb. If you create enough videos, I think 4K per month is a reasonable expectation for Amazon.

I’d say about 1K for every 200 videos is probably where the math “maths.” But you can make a video in about 1 minute, so don’t let that number sound daunting.

And anything in your home sold on Amazon (which is most things) can be reviewed even if you didn’t buy it there.

Videos are easy.

There's nothing fancy—just your phone and a quick talk about the product. I haven’t yet begun buying products to review; I am just reviewing things I already have, or have samples of.

The next level will be product research and buying things in my niche to review. I have found the best software for this to be Sortiox, which I already subscribe to.

I’ve included my affiliate link, which benefits me at no extra charge to you. It’s cool because it shows you if video carousels are available for that product, your potential commission if there is low stock, etc.

My kitchen gadget videos are doing really well (oil bottle, chicken shredder, etc.). TikTok is where the big wins are — thousand-dollar days. I can’t get that on Amazon, but Amazon is steady.

That’s why I like them both.

I’m tracking a 5-figure month for May on TikTok if the days continue like they are now, but 4-figures is a reasonable expectation.

To make five figures, you have to have viral videos, and while that’s totally possible, it takes a lot of videos that don’t go viral to get there. My average is five videos per day.

But remember, I’m just grabbing my phone and talking about the shoes I’m wearing, throwing on a new pair of shorts, or talking about my new blow-dry hair brush.

And there are many more ways to do this outside of beauty and fashion.

I see a lot of wins in the tech space with all these new tech gadgets. Phone chargers, voice recorders, cameras, ear pods, etc. Don’t think, “Oh, she’s wearing Bikinis; I can’t do that.” That’s a limited-thinking mindset.

Pets, Cooking, Travel, Lawn and Patio, DIY, Gardening, Tools, and Cars don’t matter.

There are so many options.

My new YouTube channel (Ballen Buys) hit 4,000 subscribers this week. The goal is 15,000 so I can qualify for the YouTube affiliate program.

It’s a much tougher game than usual because I mostly create shorts like TikToks and Reels. There is less watch time but more views. If I’m already making videos for TikTok and Amazon, I might as well get them going on YouTube, too!

#1 traffic source to my new website? YOUTUBE!!

While fashion is my #1 money earner on TikTok, home goods are #1 for Amazon, and both are rocking pet supplies. I’ve found that those 3 seem to drive most of my sales, so I’m happy to continue reviewing products in that space.

This new website was such a good idea!! It got all of my affiliate links in one spot. I’ll be making a video on how I did this next week.

I’m building sand castles in my sandbox!

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