Why Everyone Is Obsessed With This $28,510/MO AI Side Hustle

Lori Ballen
3 min readSep 20

You're in the right place if you’ve ever yearned to turn your spare hours into an income stream. The internet is brimming with opportunities, but we’re here to cut through the noise and deliver a jackpot.

Imagine earning up to $28,510 per month with a side hustle that’s lucrative and incredibly easy to start and scale.

We’re talking about Tumbler wraps, Artwork generated by Artificial intelligence, and we’ve got the full lowdown for you.

Why This Topic?

So why dive into Tumblr Artwork generated by AI? Well, that’s simple. Technology has progressed to a point where AI can craft quality designs at a pace no human could match.

This tutorial stems from the success of shops like Tara Sparks and others that have raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars selling digital artwork on Etsy.

It’s not just a trend — an emerging marketplace ripe for the picking.

What Will You Learn and Why It Matters

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll:

  1. Understand the concept behind AI-generated Tumblr Artwork.
  2. Know how to set up your Etsy shop.
  3. Learn to use AI for generating unique designs.
  4. Understand how to market and sell these products.

These skills are more than just a quick trick; they represent an opportunity to evolve with the modern marketplace.

Lori Ballen

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