The AI-Powered YouTube Experiment

Lori Ballen
2 min readNov 21, 2023

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing various industries, a YouTuber named Jensen Tung embarked on an ambitious experiment.

He aimed to create a YouTube channel entirely driven by AI, handling tasks from scriptwriting to visuals. His objective was to test the capabilities of AI in content creation and to see if it could attract 100,000 views in 30 days.


The main challenge was to automate the entire creative process using AI, a task not commonly undertaken in content creation. Jensen had to navigate through numerous AI tools for different aspects of video production and ensure that the content was engaging enough to attract viewers.


Jensen decided to focus on “facts and trivia” as his niche. He named his AI-generated character Frankie and created a backstory of Frankie being a reformed AI from a military defense system, now sharing fun facts.

Using various AI tools, he automated scriptwriting (ChatGPT), voiceovers (Microsoft Edge’s AI voice reader), visuals (Stable Diffusion for AI art and BeamNG for gameplay footage), music (Strove AI music generator), and captions (Adobe Premiere Pro’s Sensei).


  1. Channel Creation: Using ChatGPT, Jensen brainstormed channel niches and names, settling on “Facts from Frankie.”
  2. Video Production: He used AI for scriptwriting, voiceovers, and visuals. The script was generated by ChatGPT, voiceover by Microsoft Edge’s AI voice reader, and visuals by Stable Diffusion and BeamNG.
  3. Content Strategy: Opting for YouTube Shorts over long-form videos to minimize AI errors and increase content output.
  4. Branding: The channel’s branding, including the profile picture and Youtube banner, was also AI-generated.


After 30 days, the channel achieved:

  • 42 videos were uploaded.



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