Success is in the Layers

Yesterday, my sister was complimenting my makeup and asked what foundation I used. I simply answered with the brand name. This morning, as I was applying my morning skincare, which is a 5-step process, it dawned on me that I answered too simply.

The fact is that my makeup looked good because my skin looked good. While the foundation brand is amazing, it wouldn’t be half as effective without healthy skin underneath.

In fact, besides what is applied outside, what is happening inside the body is equally important to what you see outside. Eating healthy creates healthier skin. Yet the makeup is what’s observed as being the cause.

It’s amazing how much business success is similar. We tend to credit what we see on the outside without understanding the layers of process that are created to achieve it.

A real estate agent who sells houses achieves a commission from the sale of the house. While the sale of the home got them paid directly, they had to apply a process to get there.

They work their database, run ads, create social media profiles, collect reviews, make videos, market listings, create newsletters, host events, sponsors local activities, hold open houses, present and negotiate prices, run competitive analysis reports for value, negotiate inspections, and so much more.

It’s multiple things that work well, stacked. Stacking, and layering as part of a process is ultimately what achieves success. It’s rarely one thing.

Show me anything that’s working, and I guarantee you, there’s a multi-step process with layers behind it.

Success is in the layers.


I’m a real estate agent in Las Vegas, a Speaker, Trainer, and Blogger. I love inspiring and empowering others. Check out

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