How to make $10,000 per month on your Favorite Digital Marketing Tools

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I found the path to passive income for writers.

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Whenever I tell people how much money I make from affiliate marketing, they always assume that it’s some kind of get-rich-quick scheme. But the truth is, it took me years of hard work to build up my business to the point where it now generates a six-figure income.

It all started with a blog post about the software I was using at the time. I didn’t think much of it, but that post ended up getting a lot of traction and eventually led to me teaching classes on the subject over webinars and in person.

From there, I began monetizing my strategy by promoting products as an affiliate.

Today, I’m proud to say that I make more than $10,000 per month from affiliate marketing. And it all started with a simple blog post and a few videos.

If you’re looking for a way to earn a passive income, I highly recommend you give affiliate marketing a try. You never know where it might lead.

The $10,000 Per Month Strategy

It’s fair to assume that you could make $10,000 per month creating content about your favorite software.

Here’s how it works:

1. Find a software that you’re passionate about.

2. Sign up for their affiliate program. (Most software programs offer a commission-based affiliate program).

3. Write helpful blog posts and tutorials about the software. Videos convert even better! Here’s a blog that features some of the best product review bloggers in the industry.

4. Include a call to action that offers a free trial, discount, a guide, or link to the product.

As people sign up, your monthly commission begins to climb. There is no limit to how much you can earn across a variety of tools. The only limits are the ones you set by not taking action, or improving your skills.

Earning Commissions From Affiliate Programs

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Affiliate marketing is the act of promoting another company’s product in order to earn a commission. When someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you can receive a percentage of the sale.

For example, let’s say you’re an affiliate for Jasper AI, the popular AI writing software. Every time someone clicks on your approved affiliate link and signs up for their email marketing service, you’ll earn a 30% commission. This revenue is earned each time that subscriber is billed.

For example:

Let’s assume your referrals commit to the Boss Mode Plan, which is $99.00 per month. Some will start with less, others with more, but this is a popular plan, so let’s go with it.

If you earn 30%, you’ll earn $29.70 per month, per referral.

If you refer 10 people, you’ll earn $29.70 per month X 10 which equals $297.00 per month.

If those 10 stay on, and you add 10 more, you’ll be earning $594.00 per month.

To make $1000 per month promoting Jasper, you’ll need to refer 34 people who stay on the Boss Mode Plan.

To make $10,000 per month promoting Jasper, you’ll need to refer 340 people who stay on the Boss Mode Plan.

It’s important to note that not everyone will stay on the same plan, nor will they all be new customers. You may have some people downgrade, or cancel altogether. This is why it’s important to continue finding new customers.

The best way to do this is by creating helpful content that showcases the software in a positive light. If you can show people how the tool has helped you, they’ll be more likely to sign up themselves.

I make the most money on tools that I actually use, and teach others how to use them.

Creating Product Reviews

One of the best ways to make money with affiliate marketing is by creating product reviews. These are in-depth, honest looks at the software or tool you’re promoting.

Product reviews should include:

  • A detailed description of what the product is and does
  • An explanation of who the product is for
  • The pros and cons of using the product
  • A call to action with your affiliate link
  • Personal use cases

Product reviews are some of the most popular types of content on the internet. People are always looking for honest opinions before they make a purchase. If you can provide that, you’ll be in a great position to earn commissions.

To get started, find a software that you’re passionate about, and sign up for their affiliate program. Once you have your affiliate link, you can begin creating product reviews.

How to Find Affiliate Programs

The best way to find affiliate programs is to search for the software you’re already using. Almost every popular tool has an affiliate program that you can sign up for.

Visit their website, and scroll down to the footer menu. Quite often, you’ll find a link to their affiliate program. If not, you can always contact their support team and ask.

Another great way to find affiliate programs is by searching for “product name + affiliate program.” For example, if you’re using Sumo to grow your email list, you would search for “Sumo affiliate program.” This will bring up a variety of results, including the official affiliate program page.

Joining an affiliate program is usually free, and only requires an email address. Once you’re approved, you’ll be given a unique affiliate link that you can use to promote the software.

Some affiliate programs will also provide additional resources, like banner ads and pre-written content. These can be helpful if you’re just getting started but aren’t required to start earning commissions.

How To Choose the Best Affiliate Programs

I’m strategic now about how I partner with software affiliate programs. In the past, I signed up for everything that looked remotely promising. This led to a lot of wasted time and effort promoting products that no one wanted.

Now, I only sign up for affiliate programs for software that I’m already using myself or ranking for on my website. Sometimes, I create product comparisons, alternative list posts, or a list of software options to achieve a particular goal.

If the blog gets traffic, and readers are clicking the links, it’s worth setting up an affiliate link.

When picking affiliate programs, look for:

High commissions: 30% recurring is a good goal. Higher ticket items may pay less, and over time, you can renegotiate with the affiliate manager for higher payouts.

For example, I have one relationship that pays me only 10%, but the average ticket is $2000. I have another that pays 15% and earns me about $1,200 every month because it’s a “sticky” tool that doesn’t get canceled a lot.

On the other hand, I have another that pays 45%, and I earn more than $8000 per month on that single commission.

Recurring income — If they’re paying you a high commission for each purchase, that’s great. But it’s even better if they offer recurring commissions. That way, you’ll get paid every month as long as the customer you refer remains a paying customer.

This is especially important for software because people are always canceling their subscriptions. If you’re only getting paid once, and they cancel after a month, you just lost out on a whole year’s worth of income.

Affiliate program page — Look for an affiliate program that has a dedicated page with resources for affiliates. The best affiliate programs make it easy to promote their products and pay you what you deserve.

They’ll have banner ads, pre-written content, and email swipe copy that you can use to promote the product. They should also have clear terms and conditions that spell out how you’ll be compensated. Don’t trust a handshake. I learned the hard way on this sone.

Affiliate managers — The best affiliate programs will also have an affiliate manager assigned to help you promote the product and answer any questions you have.

They can provide additional resources, like custom banner ads or exclusive offers for your readers. And if you’re having trouble converting clicks into sales, they may be able to offer advice.

The best affiliate programs are worth the effort because they can generate a significant income. But you shouldn’t just sign up for any program that comes your way.

Be strategic about which programs you choose to promote. Only partner with software that you’re using or plan to use yourself. And look for programs with high commissions, recurring income, and a dedicated affiliate page with resources to help you succeed.

If you do these things, you’ll set yourself up for success and be able to make a great income from promoting the best digital marketing tools.



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