How One Person Made $77,000 in One Month on TikTok!

Lori Ballen
2 min readMay 18, 2024


Imagine making $77,000 just by posting videos on TikTok! That’s exactly what happened to one smart TikTok user in his first month of trying affiliate marketing.

Here’s exactly what he did.

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The creators video success story

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The Adventure Begins

This TikTok user decided to try something new with a tool called Kalodata. This tool helps people find really good products to share in their videos. His goal was to pick items many people would like and want to buy after seeing his videos.

First Winning Video

His first big win came from a video about a magnetic game board for kids. It wasn’t just any toy; this game helped kids learn while they played. By showing how fun and educational it was, lots of parents watched his video and bought the game. Just from this one video, he made $6,000!

Adding More Cool Stuff

Feeling good about his first success, he started making videos about more products like a super cool set of hair clippers. He showed how well they worked and how nice they looked, and guess what?

This video helped him earn over $9,000 because so many people wanted to buy them!

Learning and Earning More

With each new video, he used Kalodata to find the best products that people would really want to buy. His smart choices and helpful videos made him one of the top five best sellers on TikTok around the world!

Making Videos that Matter

What made his videos so special? They were more than just ads. He made sure each video solved a problem or showed how the product could make life better. This way, people didn’t just watch his videos — they acted on them by buying the products!

A Fantastic First Month

By the end of his first month, he had made a whopping $77,000! This wasn’t just great for his bank account; it made him a star at selling products on TikTok. He showed that anyone can succeed with the right tools like Kalodata and some creative video ideas.

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