How An Attitude of Gratitude Can Reset a Negative Mindset

This morning, I’m grateful for the inspiration to write.

I’ve learned that adopting a state of gratitude pushes off any feelings of lack, doom & gloom, regret, or fear. It’s hard to be grateful and fearful at the same time.

When I open my eyes, my first thoughts of the day are usually dark. I’m not sure why.

I instantly am aware that something hurts, or some unwanted ‘task’ has to do, or some ‘worry or fear’ related to the present or future, often associated with health (mine or someone I care about) or an undesired appointment.

Quite often, I’m waking up from a dream that included undesirable characters or experiences.

Coming from a long line of family depression, I chalk it up to” DNA.

Last year, I adopted an attitude of gratitude. By nature, I’m a grateful person, but this activity means applying purpose to being grateful.

Now, when I open my eyes In the morning, as soon as awareness kicks in, I start reciting (in my head) things I’m grateful for.

- The warm bed
- The cat who helps me rise early each day
- The idea of the coffee I’m about to enjoy
- The gas fireplace in the living room
- The fact that I get to choose what I do that day
- How healthy I feel that morning
- The call I had the night before with family

And so on.

As the day continues, I catch myself being aware of positive things to be grateful for. For example, this morning and yesterday, I have been very inspired to write.

I love writing, but lately, the tech-minded, statistical part of my brain has been wired for more strategic pieces rather than from inspiration.

I call my daily walks ‘gratitude-walks’ because I use that time to appreciate things. I’m grateful for the leaf that falls from a tree, the hummingbirds, the ways the clouds form in the sky, and for my current fitness level, whatever that is!

I have found that when we exist in a negative space, with low vibration, we attract more of the same.

When we are in a state of gratitude, we attract more of what we are grateful for.

I have to catch my thinking and words all day long. It’s a human instinct to feel negative feelings and think negative thoughts.

Every time we say: “I wish,” we are saying “I don’t have,” which attracts more lack, in my opinion.

This means I have to avoid people, places, and things that bring out that side of me. Misery loves company, and I do not want to be that company.

Life happens. Challenges happen. Nobody is immune to circumstance.

And sometimes, something will hit me hard enough to knock me down, and I lose the awareness I have fought hard to obtain.

But with the skills obtained from the practice, I find myself again, adjust, and step back into the attitude of gratitude, and things improve quickly.

This morning, I’m grateful for the inspiration to write.

I’m a real estate agent in Las Vegas, a Speaker, Trainer, and Blogger. I love inspiring and empowering others. Check out

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