Get Ready to Be Amazed: 23 Canva AI Tools You Can't Miss

Lori Ballen
2 min readNov 17, 2023

In an era where creativity and efficiency are paramount in the digital world, Canva, a popular graphic design platform, has taken a giant leap.

The introduction of its AI tools marks a new chapter in design and the broader spectrum of content creation.

These tools, now included in Canva’s Standard Pro and even some in the Free account, are more than just functionalities; they’re the new paintbrushes for the modern artist and the Swiss Army knife for the digital nomad.

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Here is a list of the 23 AI tools available with Canva.

  1. Prisma: Converts photos into various painting styles.
  2. Auto Enhance: Automatically enhances the vibrancy and quality of images.
  3. Magic Expand: Expands photos to fill the canvas, intelligently filling in any gaps.
  4. Magic Eraser: Removes objects from images and seamlessly fills in the background.
  5. Magic Edit: Replaces removed objects in photos with alternative ones.
  6. Magic Grab: Allows moving of objects within photos while the AI adjusts the background.
  7. Magic Grab Text: Extracts text from images and fills in the remaining space.
  8. Magic Switch Translate: Translates text in images into different languages.
  9. Magic Transform into Document: Converts designs with heavy text into different formats like blog posts.
  10. Brand Voice: Generates text in a consistent brand style and tone.
  11. Magic Text: AI tool for generating textual content.
  12. Avatars by NeiroAI: Creates customizable video avatars.
  13. Background Remover: Removes backgrounds from images or video avatars.
  14. MelodyMuse: Generates short music tracks based on user inputs.
  15. Magic Media Video: AI tool for creating videos from text.
  16. Magic Media Images: Generates images from text descriptions in various art styles.



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