From Troubled Teen to Harvard Grad: The Inspiring Journey of Sarah Moore

Lori Ballen
3 min readNov 14, 2023

The story of Sarah Moore is nothing short of cinematic — a troubled youth turned triumphant entrepreneur. Moore’s tale is a testament to the power of resilience, the kindness of strangers, and the indomitable spirit of human potential.

The Early Struggles

Growing up as one of three siblings, Sarah’s early life was marred by instability.

With absent parents and a childhood spent bouncing between homes, her future seemed bleak. Sarah was the rebel, problem child, nobody wanted to invest in.

But, in the midst of chaos, two families saw her not for the liability she appeared to be but for the potential she held within.

The Brackens and the Greens: Angels in Disguise

The Bracken family took Sarah in, offering her stability and, most importantly, a crucial conversation about life’s fundamental truths. They were the catalysts for her transformation.

Meanwhile, the Greens, frequent patrons at the diner where Sarah worked, offered to finance her education, sensing her potential and willingness to change.

The Transformation

With newfound support, Sarah replaced her destructive habits with ambitious goals. She studied voraciously, graduating high school with a significantly improved GPA.

Her hard work led to her acceptance into Northeastern University, albeit initially waitlisted, and then, remarkably, to Harvard Business School — an achievement she once thought impossible due to her unconventional past, including not taking the SATs herself.

The Business Acquisition

Post-graduation, Moore was determined to buy a business, despite having no money or experience. Her only asset was her car, a RAV4. Undeterred, she hustled, sifting through 100,000 businesses before discovering — a niche business ripe for growth.

She acquired this multi-million dollar company entirely through debt, a feat that left many skeptics questioning the…



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