Finding the RIGHT Role

I’m smiling ear to ear this morning as I do my morning work. I pause, and close my eyes, taking in a few sips of coffee, while wiggling my feet back and forth in the true fashion of child-like joy.

In gratitude, I recognize the space I’m in. The cat is curled up on the warm blanket at my feet.

The fireplace is on creating the perfect amount of glow in the dark room prior to the sun coming in through the window. Everything is peaceful, and I’m in the zone.

I worked so hard to get to this space. I don’t want to take any of it for granted. While I still work from sun up to sun down minus health routines, food-prep, and bubble baths, it’s the work I care about doing.

I’ve learned that it’s less about the specific niche I’m working in, and more about the work itself.

The research, creativity, growth, and teaching aspects keep me excited about the craft, itself.

There was a time, not so long ago, when I was struggling. I was in a role I didn’t want and doing work I didn’t enjoy.

I fought it, for years. I tried to fit into the role. It was like sandpaper, every day.

Finally, I started keeping a list of work activities that brought me pain and which ones brought me joy. I documented those moments where I found myself smiling.

THOSE were the activities I wanted to live in.

Once they were identified, I started moving the work around, quite literally shaping the environment like playdough until inch by inch, I had moved into the place I wanted to be.

My activities are unique and I didn’t have a model. I had to go inward to define it and create it.

And now, living “in-the-zone”, I’m able to openly create and receive.





That’s My zone.

See if you can catch yourself smiling today.

I’m a real estate agent in Las Vegas, a Speaker, Trainer, and Blogger. I love inspiring and empowering others. Check out

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