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Search engines rank websites in different positions for different keywords. You can target either high-volume keywords or low-volume keywords. As long as your website is optimized for a keyword, search engines may award it with high rankings.

The amount of volume a particular…

Self-Improvement the Kaizen Way

Small Steps, Big Lifestyle Changes.

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Kaizen, the philosophy of continuous improvement through small but constant efforts, has been the cornerstone of best practices in Japanese manufacturing since the 1950s.

Though well-established within business and management circles, the past decade has seen a remarkable surge of interest…

Earn $10,000/month as a Writer with This Amazing Growing Business Model.

It’s a 6-figure side-hustle for me.

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Affiliate marketing is a relatively easy way to monetize a blog. However, there is more to affiliate marketing than placing a few advertisements in a blog’s sidebar. You might make some spare change…

Lori Ballen

Digital Marketing Strategist, 6 Figure Affiliate Marketer, Real Estate Agent, Speaker/Coach |

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