$15,997 from a Coloring Book? Discover Amazon’s KDP Strategy Goldmine

Lori Ballen
11 min readAug 3

Today we’re diving into an exciting story of a successful Amazon KDP journey that resulted in over $15,000 from a single book. The story's narrator and hero is an experienced YouTube video creator who took the time to share all the details, techniques, and valuable tips they used to achieve this accomplishment. I assure you, there’s much to learn from their experience.

Creator Bio

Chris Raydog has spent over 10 years in the publishing business and has mastered the nuances of Amazon KDP. With a penchant for debunking myths and a no-nonsense approach to educating others, they’ve managed to create a sizable income from a single book.

Their unique insights into high-demand niches, advertising strategies, content creation, and a keen eye for market trends set them apart in the crowded world of online publishing.

Why I chose to feature this video

I chose to feature this video on my blog because of its transparent and comprehensive look at Amazon KDP. Unlike many videos that make grand promises, this one offers practical advice, actual results, and a behind-the-scenes look at a successful publishing journey.

Having seen many misleading guides online, I found this creator’s approach both refreshing and informative. It’s a long video filled with valuable insights, and I believe it could be a game-changer for aspiring publishers.

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Step-by-Step Process

  1. Identify a high-demand niche: Research and find a place that has a significant number of customers. Junglescout is a tool that helps Amazon sellers find profitable products and niches.
  2. Create unique, high-quality content: Work with a talented designer to create…
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