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I’m a real estate agent in Las Vegas, a Speaker, Trainer, and Blogger. I love inspiring and empowering others. Check out
A woman is smiling like she just achieved happiness for the first time.
A woman is smiling like she just achieved happiness for the first time.

We all want to be happy. The problem is, we don’t always know how to get there. We have so many different sources of stress in our lives, and we are surrounded by negativity on social media and the news.

Speaking from my own experience, I often have to choose happiness moment by moment rather than taking on the entire day.

This blog post will discuss why it’s crucial for you to make happiness a goal (and not an elusive, random occurrence) and how you can do that.

Wake Up and Be Present

Be mindful of the moment instead of dwelling on negative thoughts or…

Yesterday, my daughter Tabs and I were talking about success. During that conversation, I noticed several times where she mentioned “learning from”, or “did it like (name)”, or “looked up examples of”. Again and again, I realized that what she was explaining was how she finds models.

Before applying for her #1 college of choice to enter their character design program which has a 5% acceptance rate, she looked through every, single portfolio that had ever been posted.

As she looked through these designs, she tested styles. …

Are You Guilty Of Using Passive Voice When Writing Articles, Blog Posts, Or Other Text Content For Your Website? While High-Quality Content Can Lead To More Traffic And Higher Search Results, You Should Be Conscious Of Your Writing Style.

Are you guilty of using passive voice when writing articles, blog posts, or other text content for your website? While high-quality content can lead to more traffic and higher search results, you should be conscious of your writing style.

Visitors and search engines respond well to content written in active voice. …

Ranking on the search engines in 2021 is much more challenging than any year before. When you properly determine if a blog post can rank on Google using the right research and apply proper on-page and off-page SEO (search engine optimization), you might just rank in a position that generates traffic to your website.

Here’s my strategy for determining if a blog post can rank on Google.

What is the search volume?

If your website is live and visible to Google, your pages can be indexed. Indexing by Google, simply means that your page is in their database. …

While this article may appear to be about growing a business through leverage, it’s a story about the quality of life. It’s about self-discovery and choosing to live life authentically.

It’s about choices and sacrifice. And it’s about freedom.

I’ll share my pain and failure that I encountered on the way to ultimately living a life by design, or shall I say re-design.

Becoming a Boss at 10

I hired my first employee when I was 10. It was my little sister, and I paid her in chocolate.

Over the next few years, we ran a neighborhood newspaper, tortilla stand, theater, and restaurant.

I recruited…

If you want to increase the traffic to your blog, you must give it a great title. We will discuss what makes up a compelling blog post title and provide examples of some good ones from popular blogs.

Copyblogger says that only eight out of ten visitors will read your headline, but only two will read your blog.

Furthermore, the average blog takes 3 hours and 55 minutes to write, and 20% of bloggers spent 6-hours on a blog in 2020. (Orbitmedia).

It’s a competitive space, and a blogger must be willing to spend more time creating quality content and…

Yesterday, my sister was complimenting my makeup and asked what foundation I used. I simply answered with the brand name. This morning, as I was applying my morning skincare, which is a 5-step process, it dawned on me that I answered too simply.

The fact is that my makeup looked good because my skin looked good. While the foundation brand is amazing, it wouldn’t be half as effective without healthy skin underneath.

It was 11-years ago. After nearly a decade of battling a medically induced prescription drug addiction, I checked myself into rehab.

While I should have checked myself in a year earlier when I failed to wake up one morning and nearly died from an overdose, this day was the day.

I wish I could say it was my desire to get better that drove me to make the decision to quit, but that wouldn’t be the truth. It would be, however, my desire to get better that caused me to do the work and get my life back.

The truth…

I’m smiling ear to ear this morning as I do my morning work. I pause, and close my eyes, taking in a few sips of coffee, while wiggling my feet back and forth in the true fashion of child-like joy.

In gratitude, I recognize the space I’m in. The cat is curled up on the warm blanket at my feet.

The fireplace is on creating the perfect amount of glow in the dark room prior to the sun coming in through the window. Everything is peaceful, and I’m in the zone.

I worked so hard to get to this space…

This morning, I’m grateful for the inspiration to write.

I’ve learned that adopting a state of gratitude pushes off any feelings of lack, doom & gloom, regret, or fear. It’s hard to be grateful and fearful at the same time.

When I open my eyes, my first thoughts of the day are usually dark. I’m not sure why.

I instantly am aware that something hurts, or some unwanted ‘task’ has to do, or some ‘worry or fear’ related to the present or future, often associated with health (mine or someone I care about) or an undesired appointment.

Quite often, I’m…

Lori Ballen

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